This is just one of the thousand reasons why I am passionate about my work.   Many of my clients are physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors (who are the biggest skeptics).

To receive positive feedback from well respected massage and lymphatic therapist Celia Schmidt feels especially good. Thank you Celia!

The laser session made a huge difference. Not just my feet- my whole body, mind, and spirit. Great stuff. – Celia,  Santa Barbara


Another day at the office. Happy clients make a happy day …

” – A testimonial from Dr. Julie Schatzel (used with permission) :

it is difficult to live with pain, whether it is a chronic condition, or something that flares up periodically. i was having an especially difficult week, when I sought treatment at the Pacific Laser Therapy center in Santa Barbara. as a health care practitioner myself, i was familiar with the medical uses of lasers, and lasers that use mild heat to treat pain. My first interaction with the Therapy Center was a phone conversation with the laser therapist Sam. He was professional, and clearly at knowledgeable about Laser therapy. He fit me into his busy schedule that same day, and we met at his office. Sam uses a combination of different therapies in the treatment session, specific treatment points are targeted with a hand held laser, and another specialized device, everything was painless, you feel only a little warmth from the beam of the laser. Depending on what part of the body your pain derives from Sam locates certain points typically on the extremities or near the spine, and directs the soothing heat of the laser at those specific target points. The treatment took about an hour, and I could not believe the results, by the next day, I felt better than I had felt in months, maybe even years. My pain had diminished dramatically, and I was rejunvenated. The results were so fabulous, I could hardly believe it myself. It was truly amazing, if I lived in Santa Barbara, I would use the Pacific Laser Therapy Center with regularity, for the lucky people that live there, Sam is an expert healer. I researched my entire community from Sacrament to San Francisco, and there is nothing like the kind of treatment that Sam offers. He has an expertise in this very specialized field, that few people have.This alternative therapy is unique and Sam’s extensive background and years of experience with laser therapy is a blessing for those who suffer from pain. I am truly thankful to Sam, and hope that I am able to get back to Santa Barbara again soon, he heals with light, and it works!

Julie Schatzel, MD

Sacramento, CA

The healing effects of Cold laser therapy are multi-faceted and include the following:

Benefits of Cold Laser Therapy 

  • Increases overall circulation as well as micro circulation to hypoxic areas (trigger points)
  • Increases oxygenation utilization
  • Increases procollagen synthesis
  • Increases immunological response
  • Stimulates DNA replication and cell division accelerating healing
  • Stimulates activity of nerve cells
  • Increases lymphatic movement and drainage
  • Stimulates proper organ function
  • Increases permeability of cell membranes for better nutrient/waste exchange
  • Increases mitochondria production of ATP (energy made in the cell) which help muscles to relax
  • Decreases inflammation
  • Decreases pain & muscle spasms

A great explanation of how low level laser therapy helps heal on a cellular level:

Cold laser therapy speeds up your bodies’ ability to heal itself while stimulating production of natural feel good and healing chemicals (endorphins).


Since 2006 I have been an energetic laser practitioner and life strategist where I have worked with hundreds of people suffering from emotional, physical, or chemical stresses in their life which have been resolved with the use of laser light technology in conjunction with my expertise as a “reconnection” conflict resolution specialist (hold a master’s degree in conflict resolution). Consistant re-exposure to conflict (family, work,etc) or daily life stressors over time block our bodies’ natural energy flow which if left unchecked manifest as physical (fall ,accident, auto-immune disease) or emotional distress (anxiety, depression). The laser helps release the energetic blockages that cause bodily stress while I work with my clients to identify and process the stressful areas in their life (mind/body/spirit) and teach them valuable learning touch stones to help them successfully move forward from the negative (and beyond the conflict) to a happier and more fulfilling life.

For the past 8 years I have been an Energetic Laser Practitioner where people who have emotional, physical, or chemical stresses in their life are able to resolve them with the use of lasers.  Do you have any stresses in your life? Where do you want to be in your life in 6 months? I help you get to that place and they are not sure how to do it. How much does it cost? It all depends on what is going on in your life and we will assess…